Axel Strategy for Olymp Trade VIP Members


What is Axel Trading Strategy

Axel is a straightforward and highly effective trading strategy. As a result, it is now part of the Olymp Trade platform’s VIP strategy. If you’re having trouble coming up with an effective strategy, the Axel strategy may be the best option right now. Do not be subjective and disregard testing.
axel startegy

How to use Axel strategy?

Axel trading strategy is a VIP level strategy that gives accurate signals to you. If your account is a VIP level account then you can use axel trading strategy to make win all the trades on Olymp Trade.

What is next?

Now, add a momentum indicator to analyze the chart.

What is the Momentum indicator?

The Momentum indicator is a line that fluctuates between 0 and 100. Each new value is defined in relation to the current values as well as the values from previous periods (usually 10-14 periods). It reflects trends and calculates the rate of change by comparing current and previous values.

How to use Momentum indicator in the Axel trading strategy in Olymp Trade

The Momentum indicator is used in a variety of strategies, including trend tracking and trend reversal. This Momentum indicator is highly accurate and can be used on a wide range of time frames. This enables traders to forecast future trends and place orders with a high probability of success for profit.

axel startegy

Steps to implement Axel strategy?

  1. Open a VIP account by using this link:
  2. Select Heiken Ashi candlesticks
  3. Go to the Indicator section and see advanced strategies.
  4. A 1-minute Japanese candlestick chart
  5. Currency pairs with minimum profitability of more than 80% include AUD/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/USD, and so on.
  6. Momentum indicator
  7. When the “yellow” signal line crosses the 100 lines from below, place a “UP” trade.
  8. When the “yellow” signal line crosses the 100 line from above, place a “DOWN” trade..
Once you follow the above steps then the axel strategy will be added to your account. But before doing this, make sure your account is a VIP or advance level account.

Axel strategy explanation in Hindi

How to join VIP Trading Official Free Telegram Group?

Follow the below steps in regards to joining our VIP Signal Group:
1- Click on the registration link (Olymp Trade) if you want Quotex then click here.
2- Send us your profile id (sample: 7638862) to
3- Now, you will join the VIP Trading Group.


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