Olymp Trade EMA Strategy


What is EMA Indicator?

The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is a trend indicator on which technical analysis and many strategies are based. You can identify trends by observing the relationship between indicators that match the price level. Moving averages should be used by traders that trade technical analyses, however, because of their limp nature, never in isolation but should be used as part of a broader system.

How to use the EMA indicator on Olymp Trade?

You need to select the EMA indicator from the list and change the value from 10 to for accurate signals. But make sure you analyze the market before placing any trade.

ema indicator for olymp tradeMain strategy rules

There are few fixed rules that you need to follow before you implement EMA strategy to make money online.

ema Main strategy rules

  • Japanese candlestick chart
  • when the price which is below the EMA goes up then open an up trade

ema up trade


  • when the price which is above the EMA goes up then open an down trade

ema down trade


EMA Live Strategy in Hindi

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